Various Ramblings

This page catalogues various writings and mumblings that I deemed worthy of preserving, but (currently) have no place for elsewhere on this site.

Short Story: "Behind the Glass"
Essay written for the Advanced English course I took at university. The assignment was to 'describe a location in detail' with the emphasis on vivid descriptions. Although the result is perhaps too rich in unnecessary imagery, I still like the storyline and how it mixes narrative with framing. This version is edited to remove some awkward phrases and readability is generally improved without changing too much of the original story.
Review of John Fowles books
One of my favourite authors is John Fowles, and here I present several one paragraph reviews of his books I've read.
Machband Effect
A strange visual effect, nicely illustrated on the main page of this website.
Opera 8.5 Tutorial
A tutorial written for Opera 8, highlighting its features and how it improves the user's productivity.
Opera Version History
A descriptive history of Opera releases with their noteworthy features.
Original M2 Tutorial
When Opera 7 was released, it included a groundbreaking e-mail client under the codename M2, presently referred to as Opera Mail. Its unique way of handling and organizing e-mail by means of accesspoints totally won me over, and I wrote the first official documentation for M2.